Newbie: I have bunch of questions

  • #1, by TehanoxMonday, 20. June 2016, 17:03 8 years ago
    A text is called by the end of one animation.
    The same animation will be repeated again (I set a closed loop between few animation calling each other)

    1. But I want to display this text only one (first) time.

    2. I have hard time to display a text for X amount of time? (I may link it with other start-end of action... BUT I want a way to set exact N-of-seconds and then - hide)


    I am just starting to put 2+2 in Visionaire so bear with me...
    ...and for the future may I post my most rudimentary question here?


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 20. June 2016, 17:22 8 years ago
    You need to learn about conditions & values. Almost everything in your game or any application really relies on boolean & integer queries. For more information on conditions & values, check out this wiki page.

    Quick example...

    if condition "text_already_shown" is false
    set condition "text_already_shown" to true
    display text "some text..."
    end if

    As for how you control how long text is shown for, you can either base it on the duration of a linked audio file or you can specify the exact amount of time (in milliseconds) that you want it to display for with a p tag. For more information on displayed texts, check out this wiki page.

    Yeah you can post questions in this thread, although I would prefer it if you created a unique thread with a relevant topic title for each thread you create, but that's up to you.


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  • #3, by TehanoxMonday, 20. June 2016, 19:11 8 years ago
    I am digging that < p > thing!
    So many questions but I am trying to go one thing in a time...

    I would love to see some in depths video tutorial and how to... It is so much easier... But there is some lack of this kind of videos..?

    after the intro scene my next stop must be the inventory system...
    That is going to sting i feel it...I am working on POV setup at least to spare myself few headaches

    I am so pumped by Scriptwelder's games.
    Nothing to do with Visionaire... but such a inspiration!

    Are you some kind of Boss here? grin like Overseer :O Thanks!


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  • #4, by afrlmeMonday, 20. June 2016, 19:32 8 years ago
    No mate, just English support. Marvel (Thomas) is the boss. Besides him we have 3 devs working on the game engine (Alex, David & SimonS).

    You can find a bunch of video & text/image based tutorials linked on the tutorial section of the wiki here. wink

    What do you mean by POV? I assume you are referring to first person (Myst-like) game style, no? If so then there are a few users on here that can probably help you out a bit as they have already released or are working on myst-like games. SimonASA & Millennium2k are 2 such devs who between them have released a remake of SimonASA's first game & its sequel on Steam, which are titled: "ASA: A Space Adventure" & "Catyph: The Kunci Experiment".


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