New Italian Forum!

  • #1, by blanoThursday, 03. November 2016, 10:00 7 years ago

    Hello everyone, I have just created an all-Italian forum for those seeking support, curiosity or just confront other "Visionaries"


    Ciao a tutti, ho appena creato un forum tutto italiano per quelli che cercano supporto, curiosità o solo confrontarsi con altri "Visionari"


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  • #2, by funkygallo-1Thursday, 03. November 2016, 15:14 7 years ago
    mmm ai tempi avevo fatto un gruppo anche io qui dentro, con circa 11 membri.

    Parere personale, credo sia meglio mantenere le discussioni qui dentro marcandole con la bandiera italiana smile


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  • #3, by afrlmeThursday, 03. November 2016, 15:27 7 years ago
    Personally I wish they would remove the damn country flags. Feel free to post in whatever language you like to the forum, just be aware though that posting in Italian only will severely limit the amount of support you will get as the majority of members on here speak English &/or German for the most part.


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  • #4, by marvelFriday, 04. November 2016, 18:20 7 years ago
    Hi blano,
    it makes no sense to create a separate italian forum, because THIS forum is multi-language. Just post here in italian.


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