"New Game"-Button

  • #1, by anna-arnoldThursday, 17. August 2017, 14:04 7 years ago
    it's really embarassing for me to ask this, but I really have no Idea how to programm the "New Game" Button. I mean so that it always starts a new game when clicking on it. I know it's something about autosave and so on but nothing works. 
    Here's my last try. Can't be that hard! On an earlier version my husband programmed it; it looked kind of like this and worked properly. Sadly I can't find it anymore. roll And this one crashes the game ;D


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 17. August 2017, 14:48 7 years ago
    The action parts in the screenshot look more or less correct, but you shouldn't execute (write) the autosave until the scene has loaded in. You need to add a pause action part that is the same time or a bit longer than the global fade transition time between scenes (you can find that value on the main game settings tab).

    You should probably wrap the execute autosave action part in an if action part #0 exists query too just to be on the safe side.


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