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  • #1, by dimon-469Monday, 26. February, 03:12 A month ago
    Who can tell me how to add any dialogue text to the background in an already created game, I'll tell you right away it's not mine. I need it for translation and character definition because I read the text through pytesseract library python and pass the value of the found string to excel file. I don't know if it's possible to implement it by a button on and off in the interface or by a script, I found a script on the forum that just bring the character dialogue to the bottom of the screen, but I need a background for a more correct reading of the text.
    Script, if anything below, perhaps in it can be inserted immediately background.
    local offset = 100 -- offset from bottom (in pixels)
    local x = (game.WindowResolution.x / 2) -- calculate center value of resolution width
    local y = (game.WindowResolution.y - offset) -- calculate offset of text from bottom
    function txtPos(text)
     text:setValue(VTextPosition, {x = game.ScrollPosition.x + x, y = game.ScrollPosition.y + y})
     return true
    registerHookFunction("setTextPosition", "txtPos")

    Thanks if anyone can help!


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