Necessary plugins or lua code

  • #1, by TinTinFriday, 25. May 2018, 09:40 6 years ago

    I collect all necessary plugins that VS seems haven't it in versus with AGS plugins. I searched all AGS site.  If some ready please let me know :

    1) Mirror or water reflections
    2) Drag and drop system for objects ( for make a puzzle and so on)
    3) NPC chase is not full random or customise and NPC stand always back of player
    4) Player and NPC pass togethers
    5) Smooth scroll inventory
    6) underwater or distortion

    I wanted to add gravity too but Simon added physics in WIP.

    I can't see other things instead AGS ability and VS is over for other things and more
    Thanks for any help

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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 25. May 2018, 12:10 6 years ago
    1 & 6 are probably possible with shaders.

    2 is possible with Lua script as I wrote a drag & drop system for at least 2 other people in the past that allows actual drag & hold of a scene object & dropping it on mouse release wherever it currently is on the scene.

    3 probably possible with Lua script - no one said you are limited to the built in chase action part system.

    4 this one is more complicated as it requires collision detection or in the very least checking for when 2 or more radius overlap.

    5 not sure what you mean by this one.


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  • #3, by TinTinFriday, 25. May 2018, 13:55 6 years ago
    Thanks for fast reply

    1 & 6 : Which one of shaders? Did you mean is Shader toolkit? It haven't mirror AFAIK

    2 : Would you mind find it and give a link? I so need it for my game

    3 : Best example for chase of follow is "The Dig" game. NPC walking in scene at full random positions and many times look at player that is very similar to AGS follow system.

    4 : ..... Maybe Simon that help for it......

    5 : Please see this link:

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  • #4, by afrlmeFriday, 25. May 2018, 14:27 6 years ago
    1 & 6. I'm talking about actual shaders & not the toolkit. As in you would need to write or source custom shader scripts. Caligari Marte might be able to help you out with those as they seem to have an understanding of how the shader works & how to write custom shaders.

    2. I don't have a link. It was freelance work.

    3. I will have to check a video out on youtube to refresh my memory as I don't remember much of the game. Played it a long time ago.

    4. :shrug:

    5. ah you mean a sliding transition instead of the inventory items just snapping instantly into the slots on change. Maybe Simon could code it into the engine as an option. Not sure if it's possible to use Lua script for that on the built in interface system. If you built/scripted a custom interface system then it would likely be possible.


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  • #5, by TinTinFriday, 25. May 2018, 15:38 6 years ago
    1 & 6 : Ok. I'll send for Cali a PM

    2 : Can you make it for me too with pay?

    3 : Please See here and  goto 31:42 minute

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  • #6, by caligarimarteFriday, 25. May 2018, 19:35 6 years ago
    First, the shadery Stuff:

    1) Here is a Mirror-Reflection-Shade I have offered some Time ago:

    6) If you just want wavey Distortions, you should find a Shader for that in the Shader-Toolkit.
    But here is a Distortion-Script of mine that utilizes a moving Cloud-Texture:

    (I hope these Scripts still work well, otherwise I might have to make some Adjustments.)


    2) The somewhat clumsy Way I have made a Tangram-System with drag-and-droppable Pieces in my Game was to have the Cursor turn into a Cursor that looks like the Piece while hiding the Piece itself, and placing it where the Cursor clicks while setting the Cursor back to normal. (And if the Cursor clicks a little invisible Field surrounding the Position where the Cursor would have to be for the Piece to be set in the right Spot, clicking will make the Piece snap into Position, even if the Cursor has not been on the exact Spot.) Depending on the Amount of Pieces you have in your Puzzle, can be a Bit of a Chore to set up though.

    3) You could lua-code several randomized points around the Player and have the other Characters follow those Points instead of the Player directly. I have never tried that though, I didn't need the Follow Character Actionpart so far. (But I am relatively sure that the one Scene you have referred to in that Dig-Video is probably scripted, it's somewhat cutsceney.)

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  • #7, by afrlmeFriday, 25. May 2018, 22:42 6 years ago
    Aye it looks like it was scripted to me as well. You don't have to use the built in chase system. You could use Lua script & a mainLoop to listen out for when the playable character is walking or stops. To make it more dynamic you could wait x random time before having the character follow the player & x random time after player stops before forcing the character to stop. As for random events, just bang a load of animations into the random animations section for the character(s) for each direction, adjust the random min & max time to make them occur more frequently & you can get your characters while not chasing the main character to do random things such as: blink, scratch head or scratch an itch, shuffle around, walk off somewhere, take something out of their inventory & play around with it, look around with their head, tap their feet or whatever. You could even add in a fallback to make sure the character isn't currently playing a random animation to prevent them from cancelling the animation & chasing the character immediately.

    Sorry for the long wall of text, but it's just a theoretical approach that you could take for creating something more dynamic.

    As for drag & drop, I made it similar to caligarimarte's method, except I used a mouseEvent handler & actual scene objects. I used a method for checking if 2 polygons overlapped or if the mouse cursor was inside of a polygon (I forget which method) & if it was & the piece belonged inside of the space then it automatically slid into the correct position or it just dropped in the position it currently was on the screen.


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  • #8, by TinTinSaturday, 26. May 2018, 06:56 6 years ago
    Cali and Lee

    I really appreciate your generous help. Let me try your examples and methods. Actually I'm beginner in lua.
    If I had any questions let you know.

    You save me a lot. I've no word to express my seep gratitude


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  • #9, by TinTinSunday, 27. May 2018, 17:36 6 years ago
    I tested your shaders and was great. Thanks a lot
    For drag and drop: Your tips seems nice. I'll try and I'm sure it works perfectly.

    For chase: I haven't any idea. I think it wants Lua experience that I haven't it yet.

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