My first game finally finished (only german)

  • #1, by BennoniMonday, 17. August 2020, 20:02 4 years ago
    It is done! Finally grin
    A very big thanks to Sebastian and his awesome tutorials on youtube, which got the stone rolling for me. Thank you thank you thank you, much appreciated!

    I'm still having a few questions about the game creating process.
    Do I have to zip all the data for the upload?
    Or is it enough to upload the .exe file?
    I saw I've uploaded the report too, I think I can spare that. But how about the .dll, they are needed for sure, aren't they?

    So here are the downloads, I hope it works.




    A few words need to be said.
    Initially this was not meant to become a full game.
    The working title is still "tryout".
    But as I worked on and things worked the way I wanted, I began to draw better. Some things might stick out, for example the main character was supposed to be just a bit more than a stickman, but I couldn't change it later on.
    I did all by myself, except the voicing and music.
    Speaking of music, I put one of the demo-songs in it, and after hearing it for dozens of hours I didn't want to find any new track. I hope this is ok. At least youtube was already announcing copyright issues roll
    The game should keep you busy for at least 2 hours, maybe 3.
    It is fully amateur-voiced by myself and some friends, following the creed "the worst voicing is still better than none", but there is only a german version. Also the text, is german only.
    Believe me, I am aware of every mistake and odd things which are still in the game. The thing is I just began working without having a plan or plot to follow, therefore I had to rearrange things with the progress in order for them to make sense. But there are some puzzles with whose order I am not really happy. As a player I'd think "wtf/come on", but as a creator there was no other choice haha.

    Curious what you have to say, but don't be too hard on me, it's my very first project (:

    this is how it looks (all, even mousedrawn lol)


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  • #2, by fabian-schurgersTuesday, 18. August 2020, 09:34 4 years ago
    Very nice! I like all the moving little things on screen. Though, are there any hints?

    I have placed the hollow rock on the treestump, and I have clogged the rainpipe with a stone, but I haven't really got an idea what to do next?

    I like all the voice-acting, must have been some work!

    I'll play some more later.

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  • #3, by esmeraldaTuesday, 18. August 2020, 11:48 4 years ago
    I just played a little bit. Quite fun so far. I liked the mountainbike-song ^^
    Funny dialoges, nice little animations. I will play a bit more soon.

    Minor nitpick: the alignement of the characteranimations seems to be a tiny bit off. I can see jumps when changing form standing to talking animation

    @von fabian-schurgers 
    I don't see any spoler tags here so be warned (oh spoiler tags seem to work)

    you clogged the rainpipe with a little box (Schatulle) not a stone. ( the box was standing on the opening of the rainpipe, you knocked it into the pipe with the stone.) You need to get the box out. 
    use another stone[END SPOILER]

    you need an axe. Have you found the handle?
    it is part of the scarecrow[END SPOILER]

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  • #4, by fabian-schurgersTuesday, 18. August 2020, 12:22 4 years ago
    Ah, thanks for the hints!

    I don't really speak German, so it's a bit of a challenge smile

    In regards to the game, I like the save \ load screen! The trickling of liquid and the see through idea, quite neat!

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  • #5, by shicoTuesday, 18. August 2020, 13:54 4 years ago
    @Bennoni Congrats on finishing the game, seems you got a good fundamentals down in case you want to expand it.  

    @Fabian-schurgers  Good to see I'm not the only one that don't know german is giving it a go! smile   I started the post to give you a hint about the drain pipe  but Esmeralda beat me to it smile

    I'm an hour into the game, enjoying it while not having a clue whats going on razz , stuck now at the spanish translation bit, will figure it out!


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  • #6, by BennoniTuesday, 18. August 2020, 23:18 4 years ago
    Aaah thank you very much for the kind words, this makes me happy grin

    Unfortunately I have not included any hints system (will do that for the next game for sure, somehow^^), but if you get stuck, I uploaded a walkthrough on my youtube.

    Yes, the voicing was actually one of the most fun and interesting parts. And not so much work as I thought at the beginning.

    Yeah the alignment of the talking animations...I've even seen them before creating the game file, but at this point I just wanted to finish it and move on to new projects. Also I worked with version 4, in which I found that a bit harder than in 5. Won't happen again!

    I got into programming a bit lately, so once I get my graphic tablet working I hope to increase the quality of upcoming games by few notches hehe.

    Glad you like it so far (:


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