Music playing while playing a video?

  • #1, by zippie12Thursday, 22. October 2015, 22:47 9 years ago
    Hello everybody,

    After pressing start at the start menu a short video starts to play. While it is playing I want music playing. When the video ends, the music goes on at the next scene. I have tried, but the music doesnt start to play, while the video is playing.

    Hope somebody knows what I could do.

    KInd regards from Jan


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 22. October 2015, 22:53 9 years ago
    There should be a dropdown menu in the play video action part. You can choose what the music / sounds should do while video is playing.


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  • #3, by Simon_ASAMonday, 26. October 2015, 16:30 9 years ago
    Yes, just choose Active sounds: "Continue" in the list of options.

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