Music Pack for retro point-and-click games

  • #1, by bertrand-gueganSunday, 05. September, 16:38 2 weeks ago

    I just released a music pack on, which contains 12 loops. It covers different moods and styles (casual, action, ambiance and dark/creepy) 

    The music sounds very authentic, as I composed using exclusively MT-32 sounds. Very popular among retro gamers, the roland mt-32 was the best gear you could afford back in the early 90's to play and enjoy the music of video games such as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Day of the tentacle, Sam&Max and so on... There were of course tons of compatible games (in different genres) but I was more a Lucasarts fan back in those days smile

    So it may interest some of you, especially if you're looking for 90's vibes for your project. Those sounds are kind of fresh and modern compared to classic chiptunes.

    Go check here for a complete preview of the pack : 

    You can licence it here :

    If you have any question, or just want to chat about retro music, please ask smile


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