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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Alexandre Scire and I'm a music composer based in France. Today I'm searching originals and serious projects in the Adventure Game universe and I know that Visionaire is the better place where I can find what I want, there is so beautiful projects here. So, do not hesitate to contact me if you need a complete soundtrack or only a title, I'll make myself available for you and above all, you'll have an Original and Unique Music, composed specially for the project developed!

    About me, I'm independent and completly self-contained in the final render of my creations, I'm able to realize a professional sound in a wide variety of musical styles which matches to the atmosphere created. Several of my soundtracks are available on Steam and I've just finished the OST for a videogame entitled "Warhammer 40,000 Sanctus Reach", released in january. I know that game is really not an Adventure Game but this significant experience confirms me in the road which I follow since many years now, to the side of independents and professionals of the videogame industry, in France and all over the world.
    I invite all the members of that forum to listen to my works for videogames and my others sounds (because I compose chamber and orchestral music, too). Also you'll discover what I'm able to do today as a music composer for videogames.
    I wish you an excellent listening and I remain enterly at your disposal for any contact.

    Alexandre Scire (videogames soundtracks)


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