• #1, by JackMcRipThursday, 20. March 2014, 12:30 10 years ago
    A long time ago I dream of a adventure for two gamers cooperative playing.

    With Lua I think it is possible.
    But I am a beginner at LUA.

    Is it possible to use a extern LUA-Library/API?
    Must gamers install my game and then the lua-library extra?
    Is it possible to get a library that runs under android, IOS, Windows Linux and MAC?

    There are some possible play modes I think.
    Begin from round based play. Ends in near realtime play.
    Roundbase, maybe can possible in future mobile version of Visionaire. After a round a gamer played the mobile device get a message for the other player.

    The use of multiplayer in a adventure can be open new gameplay for Point&Click Andventures.
    Dou you think multicharakter Storys. One gamer plays a elephant and the other player plays a mouse. Only together can solution all quests.
    Or multi dimension game. The players are in different dimensions. What the one player change in his world chang things in the other players world. Maybe mathematical adventure?
    Another: one player plays god, other players play a hero. Hero meet god in some places an can speak together. Only in visionaire before defined questions and asks?
    Strategie and point count elements?

    I google and found:
    UDP: When communication is performed repeatedly with a single peer, an application should call the setpeername method to specify a permanent partner. Methods sendto and receivefrom can no longer be used, but the method send can be used to send data directly to the peer, and the method receive will only return datagrams originating from that peer. There is about 30% performance gain due to this practice.

    What is this?

    And this?
    Configuration Options
    ===> The following configuration options are available for eiskaltdcpp-lib-2.2.4_7:
    DHT=on: DHT support
    IDN=on: International Domain Names support
    LUA=off: Lua scripting language support
    PCRE=off: Use Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
    ===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

    or this?

    Or there are planed to get online features direct in next releases of Visionaire/LUA Versions?

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  • #2, by AlexThursday, 20. March 2014, 13:02 10 years ago
    I already thought about this. Adding a lua http module shouldn't be too hard. But actually I don't think this would be used by anyone, so I don't think it is worth the effort. First of all you must be a experienced (lua) developer, proper client-server communication is not easy. You must also implement a server which handles the client requests, this could be a lot of work.

    Second the game logic, story telling etc. would probably be even more work. There are so many cases to consider when multiple users play the game at the same time. There is a reason most adventure games nowadays have only one main character (as opposed to MM and DOTT in the early days), the effort basically multiplies with each playable character if you want to create a well polished game. If you add multiplayer the effort gets immense.

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