MOUSE movement or mouse wheel wirkung auf die animation frames hat (ist es möglich irgendwie?)

  • #1, by mikka-makkaTuesday, 25. February 2020, 00:36 4 years ago
    Ich mache ein fps game und machte ein cooles fake 3d :mouse movement rechten area des bildes und  next scene und ein video
    (was zum beispiehl eigentlich die rechts drehung ist....etc)

    weil ich keine 360 panorama machen kann in visionaire.

    Und ich fragte mich ob es einemöglichkeit giebt zu drehen aber nur wen die mouse oder mous wheel oder irgendetwas gedrückt wird....weil so eine viel realistische 3d möglich ware...

    also zum beispiel  eine 40 frame video(rehte drehung des kameras): ich drücke den knopf und startet 15 frames zu drehen ein bischen und ich hör auf und die video hört auch auf 15 frame auf ich drücke es nochmal es get vieder VON wo es aufgehört hat.
    also ich will nicht auf eine action eine halbe drehung ,sondern "die drehung" video nur immer im zeit des drückens sehen 
    (entschuldigt mein deutch ich bin nicht deutch)

    danke vielmals


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 25. February 2020, 12:10 4 years ago
    You aren't German? Most of us speak English here. wink

    You could do something like what you are asking with animations & force which animation frame should be shown. VS also has some 3D support, but only for characters, though technically you could create the scene background as a character & the scene objects & so on - though it wouldn't be very practical.

    You can also use small videos to transition the turns.

    One of the VS users has actually tried all of the above methods if I remember correctly, as he likes to dabble with first person perspective & also with the 3D side of the engine. He goes by nigec on here & on our discord server.


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  • #3, by MachtnixThursday, 27. February 2020, 17:40 4 years ago
    You can use a 360° background object as a scene background with two action areas at the left and right side. Clicking right you can create a function to move the picture in the screen window to the left and verse visa. But at the end you will have an interrupt between both side cuts. Maybe you can use a script with a mouse event handler, but I don't know how. 

    The simplier way ist to move the background picture for a fixed count of pixels for every mouse click.

    But the biggest problem is: you have some objects and hot spots on your scene, haven't you? Other characters? All this objects are fixed. So you need to move them too, and this is a lot of scripting. It's possible because you can make all objects and characters move, but... OMG.

    The best solution is to use the own window scroll function for bigger backgrounds (don't care of object positions...), but you don't have a full 360° movement... Maybe it's possible to make an invisible character for touching the edges starting the scrolling.

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