Mehrere Screens?

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    Hallo ich habe da mal eine Frage und hoffe ich kann sie richtig formulieren.Ich möchte einen Background machen der höher ist als die übliche Auflösung hätte es am liebsten so das wenn der Charakter in die oberen Ebenen geht, das Bild hochscrollt und nicht neu lädt geht das?[

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    Hi I have a question because time and hope I can formulate it properly.I would like to make a background which is higher than the usual resolution would prefer so that if the character in the upper levels, the image hochscrollt and not reloads is that?

    you can make your backgrounds as large as you like; but the larger they are the bigger the file size & required vram to load etc!
    you can also if preferred turn off the automatic scene center on character to prevent the scene auto scrolling up when the character walks further up the scene - if you don't want it to scroll up to the upper level until the character is up there.

    I hope I understood what you are asking?
    the translation didn't give me much info to work with! wink


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