Maximum number of scenes?

  • #1, by BarneyMonday, 12. January 2015, 19:21 6 years ago
    Hi! I've been working on a new prototype lately, and a weird question has arisen: Is there a limit to the number of scenes in a game? The reason I'm asking is, this game has a somewhat unusual structure: I'm using a lot of small scenes with fast transitions between them. It's more convenient to do it this way, but we're talking about potentially hundreds of scenes. Is it even possible?


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 12. January 2015, 19:29 6 years ago
    Don't see why not. All the scenes & data isn't loaded at the same time. In regards to development, I guess it will depend on your machine & the amount of RAM you have - maybe (not sure about this).


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  • #3, by SimonSMonday, 12. January 2015, 21:19 6 years ago
    Scenes are small, what get's big are the actions and texts. So use 1000, no problem, use 10000, still no problem, considering that a Daedalic game has around 500 000 action parts and 100 000 texts (that's all at runtime in RAM, takes around 70MB for Deponia).

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  • #4, by BarneyMonday, 12. January 2015, 21:44 6 years ago
    Hey, cool! I'm still not sure I'm gonna go this route, 'cause managing a project with a 1000+ scenes seems mighty cumbersome, but it's good to know this can be done in theory.


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