Many Bugs with 5.1.0

  • #1, by brut69Wednesday, 01. April, 03:24 2 months ago
    1. The "Jump to action part" does not work. In the past , if I used Jump to action part #1 , it would had created a loop where it would start again at the start of the action. Now it ignores it and the action ends.

    2. Calling an Action multiple times does not work anymore
    In the past , I had Actions:
    A and C
    Where A was doing X things and then calling action C
    C was doing Y things and it was calling back A again (creating a loop between the two actions).
    Now this doesn't work as A will call C but C for some reason will not call A regardless if the action "Call A" is there.

    This has totally messed up my scripts. Any fix or way around it ? (basically I want a way to do loops)

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  • #2, by brut69Wednesday, 01. April, 19:26 2 months ago

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  • #3, by SimonSWednesday, 01. April, 21:54 2 months ago
    It doesn't sound like these are really the issues, more like something else is happening or the output is not what you expect. Take a look at the Actions tab in the player console what the actions do.

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  • #4, by MachtnixFriday, 10. April, 18:26 A month ago
    I think, the question, if the case is true, is now outside of the loop. So the backjump inside of a loop doesn't work. In other languages it's like a "break": go back ever. I remember some similar problems after the change from 4.2.5 to 5.0, but I didn't understand what exactly happens. It looks like: the program jumps over some blocks without reading it. It's also better to use an "if end" every time, althought it seems Visionaire doesn't need it.

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  • #5, by afrlmeFriday, 10. April, 21:02 A month ago
    You should always close of if queries with end if.


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