Making stalker like Scissorman from the Clock Tower

  • #1, by tristan-kangMonday, 08. June 2015, 05:00 9 years ago
    I've been wondering. I'll make the game that contains this system (I wrote it on title) and if this Visionaire Studio can make it. Of course, the game is completely different.

    One thing I know is setting object to chase a player character is possible. But only chasing around the player character and just observing it.

    Is there any way to make a hostile chaser? and if the chaser approached to the player character, then it's possible to make a execute animation by the chaser? Like showing death animation of the player character and game over, boom!

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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 08. June 2015, 11:30 9 years ago
    Yes because you can specify a called by other action that should happen if the chasing character reaches the specified distance from the character being chased.

    1. create a new called by other action somewhere. Maybe create it in the chaser characters actions. Add the actions you want to happen when the character reaches the current character.

    Maybe you want to make it a bit more exciting? You could consider creating a value, then set the said value at the beginning of the action block with a random number between 0 & 20 then create an if query to check if value is less than x play an animation that has character attack but miss & if over x then attack & kill the current character.
    set random value in 'catch_player' between 0 and 20
    if value 'catch_player' > 15
     play animation 'miss'
     play animation 'kill'
    end if

    ... something like that maybe. Would make it more dynamic.

    2. create a chase character action & link the called by other action you created to it. The 'reach' field is the radius in pixels, if I remember correctly.


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  • #3, by tristan-kangMonday, 08. June 2015, 17:54 9 years ago
    Then it's clearly I can make the chaser with this engine. I'll contact you later when the chaser scene is emerged (It will take a long time, because it's the climax of the game).

    Always appreciate for your help. You're the hero of this Visionaire Studio.

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