Making 3D graphics?

  • #1, by foremmaFriday, 25. July 2014, 22:11 10 years ago
    I'm trying to make a 2.5D game; I want to make 3D background graphics in some sort of software program, and then export it as an image and use it in Visionaire.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good way to make these graphics? I want to have graphics in the style of Syberia; doesn't have to be super realistic or anything cause I'm trying to emulate the style of older adventure games.

    The easier to use the better and the more already-completed props/scenes the software provides the better, since I'm not an artist at all, lol.

    Sorry for so many questions!


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 25. July 2014, 22:31 10 years ago is free I believe & has various freebie resources. Can always google for free 3d models & resources, as there are plenty of sites that give stuff away.

    Alternatively: hire or find someone else to sort out the artwork & just focus on the other stuff. Game development has many different fields & you don't have to do everything yourself! wink


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