Make mirror and reflections

  • #1, by TinTinWednesday, 30. March 2016, 15:56 3 years ago

    Is it any sample for mirror reflection? Also for reflection water in ground like rainy weather.

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  • #2, by AFRLmeWednesday, 30. March 2016, 17:08 3 years ago
    Someone else recently asked for something similar to this on here. SimonS provided an openGL shader script for it, but I don't know exactly how it works as it's written in C / GL language.

    Here's the link to the thread: I can confirm the script works, but I have no clue how to modify it.

    Alternative solution to mirror is to create a duplicated character of you active character with mirrored (opposite animations assigned to their directions - so north would be same as your south animation & west would be the same as your east animation but flipped horizontally & so on). How you would then implement it into the mirror itself... I'm not sure, but I would probably layer something over the mirror with part of the background then place the mirrored character behind that.


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  • #3, by zurikWednesday, 29. May, 09:04 3 weeks ago
    Hey. I'm picking up an old thread here and wonder how can I make that duplicated character to react, so he looks and moves in the opposite direction as the main character. Thanks


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