mainLoop and character switching

  • #1, by daniel-lowesThursday, 05. May, 11:49 3 weeks ago
    Is it possible to be notified of when a character is changed by listening to the mainLoop events?


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 05. May, 14:53 3 weeks ago
    Defintion type script:
    local char = nil -- used to store & check current character
    local CHANGE_CHARACTER = 12 -- change character action part ID
    system.registerActionPartHook(CHANGE_CHARACTER, "changeCharacter")
    function changeCharacter(actionPart)
      if char ~= actionPart.Link:getName() then
        char = actionPart.Link:getName() -- update current char name
        -- insert code here that you want to execute or call a called by other action block like so: startAction( Actions["example"] )
      -- return true -- don't execute (prevents action part from executing)
      return false -- still execute


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