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    Hey all,
    we've been seeing many crashes in our project, we thought that it started with the last update 5.1.5, but we did some tests with 5.1.4 and 5.1.3 and they also give us the same results.
    We also tested with 5.0.9 (Build 1203) and that one does not have the issue.

    We tried to first look at our game code to make sure that it wasn't something there causing it.
    But even creating an empty project and running it from the mac version of the Editor causes a crash, we tried on multiple macs with versions ranging from 10.14 to Big Sur and the errors (attached) appear to be the same.

    The most reliable way to reproduce the crash is to run a project (either build and run, or directly from the editor) then switch to another program (like firefox) while letting the game run in the background. A few minutes or even a few seconds later, the game crashes.
    But we also have crashes while playing the game or simply letting it run in focus and moving away from the machine for a few minutes.

    In case it helps, most of the errors appear to be related to:

    Is anyone else seeing the same thing and/or has any advice?


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