Mac OS player ZIP corrupted

  • #1, by paxtorMonday, 14. December 2015, 04:37 9 years ago
    I've just downloaded the Mac OS player from the following page

    When I try to unzip it, I'm getting a "file is corrupted message"

    Can anyone link me to an alternate download?


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 14. December 2015, 11:59 9 years ago
    You aren't supposed to unzip it. Download it & place it directly into c:/program files (x86)/visionaire studio 4/platform/.

    P.S: it's actually better to compile games for the platform on the relevant machine. Windows on a windows machine, mac on a mac etc. But it is technically possible to compile any platform on either windows or mac.


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  • #3, by paxtorTuesday, 15. December 2015, 19:40 9 years ago
    Ah, ok, thank you!

    If I had a mac, i'd compile it there, but i will try it this way


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