Mac Build Issues

  • #1, by jonas-common-colorsTuesday, 28. July 2020, 13:20 4 years ago
    Hey guys!
    I've got some problems with the Mac build of my game.

    For example, when I change the size of a character via scripting, it doesn't work. In the windows build, it works fine.
    Furthermore, the setting changes in the options menu aren't saved. Again, works fine in the windows build.
    The biggest issue is the following: The main character climbs a shelf by using a ladder. In the Mac build, if you click the ladder, the character climbs up and directly climbs down again, so it's not possible to reach the top of the shelf. This works fine in the windows build as well.

    Do you have any idea what the problem might be?

    I'd love to get some help here smile
    Thank you in advance, guys!

    PS: I'm still using version 5.0.9. because I was kind of afraid of updating because I heard that there was so much trouble with the recent updates.


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