LUA : start animation / stop animation

  • #1, by nelsoncSunday, 01. February 2015, 05:05 10 years ago
    For documentation purposes. To start an animation "Music_100" :


    To stop an animation "Music_100" :


    keywords : start animation , startAnimation , startAnimation(), stop animation , stopAnimation, stopAnimation()


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 01. February 2015, 13:53 10 years ago
    Please could you tell me why you are providing these? I believe most function have already been documented by myself or other members of the VS team.

    Quick note: this page here, contains automatically generated pages with syntax & examples for most functions. The (CMS) pages are my own hand typed pages with easier to understand syntax & examples. I've still loads to type for the script index page.

    The scripting page also contains loads of useful syntax & examples for the more common vs & Lua functions.


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  • #3, by nelsoncSunday, 01. February 2015, 17:19 10 years ago
    It is documented but not well indexed by the website search engine. For someone like me who doesn't know LUA neither the API it has been pretty hard to find this simple information with it. I ended up searching on using google.

    So I wrote these posts in Q&A style (like with some keywords to have it indexed by the website search engine. It would have helped me a lot, so I'm doing it to save someone else some time.


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  • #4, by i-c-gWednesday, 13. January 2021, 10:59 3 years ago
    @nelsonc it worked! I found this, not the doc smile Thanks


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  • #5, by dionousWednesday, 13. January 2021, 14:00 3 years ago
    You can also check below for a ref guide:

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