Looking for playtesters

  • #1, by SuroTuesday, 29. April 2014, 13:23 11 years ago
    For an application I need to make something interactive with a playtime of min. 20 seconds, max 10 minutes.
    This thing needs to be tested.

    Please IM me if you want to test for me.
    Or shoot me an email (th.fietzek@gmail.com)

    Please do not say "Yes" unless you have time to do so. These are the last 24 hours I can make changes. If I have to wait for people to testing/playing it, I am kind of wasting time roll
    Main focus is, that there are no game breaking bugs and that one can finish the game.

    As a bonus, the demo is part of my "Stone of the Elder" project. So if you are curious on how it looks and plays, get in smile


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