Loading an autosave appears not to reset object positions after they are moved.

  • #1, by dos4gwMonday, 10. October 2016, 21:16 8 years ago
    A moving object (such as a scrolling background) does not reset to its original position once an autosave is loaded (in this case, after starting a new game using the initial autosave.) I now have to comb through my entire game for objects not set to their original position. Kind of a chore.


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  • #2, by sebastianMonday, 10. October 2016, 21:23 8 years ago
    That sounds more like a "old savegame" related bug. Were the savegames created before the moving object was inside the game at all and added later?
    There are several bugs which occur when loading a savegame which has not every data in it than the actual game.

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