Linux Dual Monitor Bug

  • #1, by louis-durrantMonday, 19. March 2018, 15:15 6 years ago
    I've been able to replicate a bug users on Linux with dual monitors were reporting where the mouse is unable to move beyond a certain point horizontally across the screen.

    This only occurs in fullscreen, but I've also managed to pinpoint the issue occuring after a video has played in the game.

    This is a pretty big deal since the game opens with an mp4 showing logos. Everything after that is bugged.

    This occurs in both of my games. Changing the config between 'auto' and 'desktop' doesn't work ('game' is impracticle for a lot of users, although it does work). I've also ticked and unticked 'Scale fullscreen' for the intro video, but to no avail. No luck toggling widescreen support either.

    The video is the same resolution as the game (1920x1080).

    Any thoughts on this? I couldn't find a report on a similar bug. I suppose its a fairly niche affected demographic, but a large part of my audience uses Linux, and I imagine dual monitors aren't too uncommon.

    Would love to have this fixed.

    Many thanks!


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  • #2, by louis-durrantMonday, 19. March 2018, 17:48 6 years ago
    I was able to circumvent the issue by building the intro video in the engine rather than having it as a video (fading through PNGs of the logos).

    Interestingly it seems the issue is only when the game first launches into a video; other instances of a video playing don't cause the bug.


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