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  • #1, by bananeisafreeFriday, 08. April 2016, 18:26 8 years ago
    Hi everyone
    It's the noobish french again !

    So, on today's "why on earth do you want to do those things anyway ?" topic, I give you this:
    I've set my action text in a beautifull rectangle on the top left of my game screen paired with a primary interface showing a LCDish screen and a retro font.
    Everything is peachy and dandy exept for when the text is too long.
    Basicly as long as I've got short sentences, evryhing is fine. but if I try to "INSPECT" my "FEDERATION STARSHIP"...
    well the whole sentence is too long and I end up with text going over the borders.
    I tryed to fidlle with the rectangle "width" and "height" in the game propreties, thinking that could force the line break, but it did nothing of the sort.
    I can't find a way to do a line breaker either in the object description or the action description.
    is there a shortcut (like the br in HTML) that can force the text to break ?
    for example being able to write "INSPECT br " in the action description, or something along those lines so I'll end up with



    Thank you in advance for everything
    And have a great Gaming WE !


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 08. April 2016, 21:19 8 years ago
    Sorry. I don't think it's possible to add line break to action text.

    If you really wanted to have it displayed in a certain way then you could consider adding the text as images to the scene (maybe as animations inside of a single scene object) & then on mouse enter an object play the relevant animation & then stop it on mouse leaves. It would be a lot of work though - especially if you are planning on adding multiple languages to your game.


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  • #3, by bananeisafreeSaturday, 09. April 2016, 21:39 8 years ago
    Ok thank you, I"ll just change the design of the screen then ... I'll make one longer and thinner ...
    Since when did long thin screen get hotter than short large one heh ?

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