Limitations ?

  • #1, by magiclightFriday, 21. September 2018, 10:17 5 years ago
    As both the IDE and runtime of VS are 32 bit applications, are there a limit on the size of the game file (on Windows) like 2GB/4GB or something ? I am not there yet wink but it's always good to know about the limitations.


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 21. September 2018, 12:27 5 years ago
    I don't think so. Daedalic Entertainment use Visionaire Studio for a lot of their games. Their most recent game was Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth, which was massive in terms of content. 100's of scenes, characters, scene objects, texts, images, animations, scripts, & so on.

    I believe the limitation would be down to your pc/mac & how much ram you have.


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  • #3, by nenad-asanovicFriday, 21. September 2018, 12:39 5 years ago
    As sample... My game is still in development and I have over 60 characters with more or less 300 different animations and somewhat around 250 scenes so far. Game is now near 8GB. So I guess limitations don't exist in Visionaire smile


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  • #4, by magiclightFriday, 21. September 2018, 13:17 5 years ago
    Perfect, thanks, one thing less to worry about.


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  • #5, by sebastianFriday, 21. September 2018, 16:22 5 years ago
    the limit is your imagination smile

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