Lightmaps and objects

  • #1, by dos4gwWednesday, 06. July 2016, 18:30 8 years ago
    Quick question: Is there a way to get lightmaps to affect objects in the game?



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  • #2, by sebastianWednesday, 06. July 2016, 21:14 8 years ago
    I dont think so...
    you could do it manually by multiplaying/adding the lightmap to the background in a graphics program like photoshop or gimp

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  • #3, by afrlmeWednesday, 06. July 2016, 21:45 8 years ago
    No, lightmaps only affect the characters. As Sebastian said, about the only way you could do it is by creating the lighting as layers & then adding them as objects into each scene.

    At least that's the only way for now, unless Simon gets around to implementing some kind of normal / depth map support for scene objects, characters & backgrounds.


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