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  • #1, by Joseph DiPerlaWednesday, 19. April 2017, 21:38 7 years ago
    Good afternoon,

    I am thinking of going to Visionaire for my needs. I see that we have a new version 5 RC0 being released in the forums. However, licensing seems to indicate that a user may register for V4. If I buy a license now, will it include v5 as well when it is fully released? Or would I have to upgrade once again?

    For the mobile license, I am aware you have to purchase it per game. But I can still release as many win/mac/linux commercial games as I want with that license? Thank you!


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  • #2, by funkygallo-1Wednesday, 19. April 2017, 22:03 7 years ago
    The latest news privided that the license for vs4 was good for vs5 too


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