license key for version 4

  • #1, by jetsetwillyFriday, 02. May 2014, 02:40 11 years ago
    i just buy visionaire today, were can i optain the license key to download the software? i'm confusing about it, must i wait for the postal package box?


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 02. May 2014, 03:44 11 years ago
    Thomas (marvel) generates them by hand & then emails the key & details to the email address you provided. You will probably get the key sometime the morrow morning or afternoon.

    You would/will be downloading it from this page:


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  • #3, by GreenLightDevelopmentFriday, 02. May 2014, 09:03 11 years ago
    Usual it wont take long. Ordered mine on MO 16:30 and got my key the other Day, ~10:00.

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