LF visionaire pro for P&C fantasy game

  • #1, by rob-cSunday, 30. August 2020, 15:48 3 years ago

    my creative team is interested in taking on a designer with visionaire expertise.

    concept art, storyboards, scripting are well underway and progressing nicely smile

    we planned on using a different engine before finding this one, and we love it. but our graphics artist isn't familiar with this engine, so it might be easier to find someone who is.

    this game is similar to the old Sierra Online P&Cs, set in a totally original world but with similar humor, tone, and warmth. lots of magic and talking animals, peril and close calls and silly jokes wink

    we plan on pitching this game to Steam and continuing the series from there. at the moment we're planning on at least 4 games in this series, likely all using the visionaire engine.

    lmk if you're interested, we'd love to hear from you!

    email: jrcy1980@gmail.com


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