Legacy of History (Working Title)

  • #1, by PloKoonWednesday, 08. July 2015, 19:18 9 years ago
    Hello together,

    I have to write this Thread again, because I can't write anything to the old one. So...


    I want to present a Project, I'm actually working on, to you. It will be my first project on Visionaire and it's planned as a Demo-Version (first chapter, Berlin) that contains:
    - Intro
    - 8 Scenes
    - 1 playable Character
    - 6 NPC's
    - Speech

    We are only Amateurs. I make the complete technical part (Graphic, "Programming", Sound...). We also have 2 Storywriter, 2 Puzzledesigner and one writer for dialogs. The Characters will be sync. by ourselves.

    Below you can see 2 screenshots of the first scenes (not final).

    Comments and questions are very welcome. smile



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  • #2, by PloKoonSaturday, 11. July 2015, 09:13 9 years ago
    Some additional Information:
    I build the scenes with inkscape. The objects build with inkscape, Blender, and CrazyTalk Animator 2.


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  • #3, by ke4Saturday, 11. July 2015, 10:05 9 years ago
    It's looking very interesting :-)
    What obejcts did you made in Blender? I was always interested in 3D graphic rendered looking 2D. ( But i never did 3D )

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  • #4, by PloKoonSaturday, 11. July 2015, 10:27 9 years ago
    Thanks. In the Moment only the 2 lanterns in the first screen made with Blender. But i think later I will make some more objects in 3D.


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