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  • #1, by BenmirathThursday, 03. October 2013, 02:12 11 years ago
    Not sure if this will be an obvious answer that I'm simply overlooking, but is there any ways to turn off left click to move for the playable character, or simply toggle it as an option? I'd like to implement an inventory interface that freezes the player's movement while open/active, but currently any left click that doesn't trigger an action causes the character to move.
    Thanks for whatever help you can provide.


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 03. October 2013, 02:57 11 years ago
    you could expand the interface area to cover entire scene width/height...

    also you could add a query to the left mouse button actions inside of the mouse properties section of the game tab.

    for example: inside of "start following action" for left mouse button....
    if condition "inventory_open?" is true
     if  current object does not exist
      character > stop character
     end if
    end if

    on left click: if no object (item, character, object) exists under mouse cursor then it must obviously be a new character destination. & so we cancel it out with the stop character action part.


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