Key actions during dialogue

  • #1, by OwlkinSaturday, 11. May 2013, 13:01 11 years ago
    Hello everyone, I'm a long time forum reader but first time poster.

    I have a question about whether it is possible to have Visionaire listen for 'key actions' during an active dialogue sequence.

    For example: If the player presses X on the keyboard as an npc character is saying a particular line of dialogue in a conversation, then an icon appears onscreen while the X button is held down.

    At the moment if I have a key action setup to check for the status of a true/false variable, which is set to true just before that line of dialogue is said and then back to false afterwards, and display the onscreen image if the value is true. It only works if the key was already held down before the entire conversation began. I have tried the 'Execute key actions during a dialogue' setting in the Game Properties panel but, as the tooltip suggests, this actually only has an impact during the pauses for dialogue choices. Similarly changing the setting of 'Disable interaction during character anim.' didn't seem to solve the problem either.

    I'm presuming there must be a way to achieve this since it is possible to skip dialogue with a left mouse click, so the engine must be able to listen for input during active dialogue. But is this a feature that we can have access too or is it a sealed off part of the system?

    A non scripting method would be best for me if there is one which I am overlooking. However, if it possible to achieve this but only through script, could someone point me in the direction of the relevant commands?


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