issues with Vissionaire on Iphone and android chrome.

  • #1, by AndresTuesday, 07. November 2017, 16:09 6 years ago

    I hope you´re doing well. 

    Have you tried to host your HTML5 game on

    It´s working fine for Chrome on PC.
    Failing on Chrome for Android - No sound
    Failing on Safari for IOS (Iphone) - No screen, no sound

    Do you have any suggestions to host the game in a different site?



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  • #2, by denis-Tuesday, 07. November 2017, 19:16 6 years ago
    Mmmm... may be  because in Androd the browser Chrome work in "lite mode" you have already tred to select the "desktop mode" ? And with FireFox and Opera ? They have better plug-in than Chrome...


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