It appears to be shader effects conflicts with autosave

  • #1, by tristan-kangWednesday, 30. December 2015, 13:46 9 years ago
    Shader action (e.g. camera movement) works fine. But shader effects (e.g. Tv1, Ripple) got messed up if I reload autosave after I execute it.

    For example, I applied Ripple effect to one object in one room, but after I execute the autosave and reload it the Ripple effect wasn't applied to the object, but player's view.

    My autosave has been executed at the game start. If the player wants to go back to main menu, the game lets the player go to main menu but restore original autosave from the game start. (it's called resetting whole game, right?)

    I've looked up other games made by VS but these games just quit the game if the player clicked exit in interface. But you know some games just back to main menu and only quit option is available at main menu.

    Magical Potion from main page tried this technique but gladly this game has no shader effects so no worries at all.

    I just let game quit from the ingame interface but I'm not sure it's a wise choice for story-telling game with various choices. Like choose choice A and see ending then go back to menu and load save file then choose choice B without quitting game, this can be done without resetting whole game but what if each chapter, each save point has choices? Without resetting whole game, something would be messed up during loading save file.

    I can delete Shader effects if I want but... if devs can fix it then it would be good.

    Shader actions(object twin, object move, zoom) works fine, but only effects have a problem.

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