Is V4 available on CD or download and other V4 related questions?

  • #1, by ocimpeanSaturday, 26. April 2014, 18:57 10 years ago
    I have few questions:

    1) I would like to know, after electronic payment, is the product available for download, or it is a physical shipment (cd, boxed product)?

    2) Can the demo be activated to full product once a payment is made?

    3) I can not seems to find the demo download link for v4, can someone post is clearly somewhere, (here, maybe)?

    4) How is the iOS and Android for a freeware export handled, and is there a watermark on the final product, splash screen etc. compared to the paid mobile version?

    Thank you


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 26. April 2014, 19:26 10 years ago
    1 & 3. it is a digital download. Thomas (marvel) generates a key that goes with your username/real name. You then download the full version from the server which requires your key code etc.

    2. No the evaluation version contains no license/key code input. I think it was made like that to make it harder to crack.

    4. Not sure how it's handled - one of the devs would be more suited to answer this. The watermark/logo/splash video, you have to manually add. We will soon be providing some premade logos/videos that you can use. If you want to use a custom designed logo/video for branding then you need to acquire the relevant resource files & get permission from the vs team beforehand.


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  • #3, by ocimpeanSaturday, 26. April 2014, 20:53 10 years ago
    Thank you AFRLme


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