Is lip-syncing possible?

  • #1, by dos4gwWednesday, 28. August 2013, 02:28 11 years ago
    Just looking into Visionaire to see if it'll work for my game. I've searched all over but I can't seem to find any tutorials or forum posts on the matter. Is it possible to make custom talking animations for each bit of dialogue? Would it require heavy scripting?


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 28. August 2013, 12:38 11 years ago
    Daedalic Entertainment have managed to do lip syncing in some of their recent game titles via some clever phonetic mouth animations & Lua scripting...

    I can't say specifically how though, but maybe Mowren will be willing to shed some light on the subject if he sees this post.


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  • #3, by BigStansWednesday, 28. August 2013, 17:11 11 years ago
    Few days ago i tested papagayo.
    It does not support batch processes, but the result was ok. Daedalic written her own lipsync generator, which generates an Lua file with an animation sequence.

    I have it on the list for our next teammeeting :-P

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