Is lightmap tinting the whole character, or is there another way?

  • #1, by saintandsimonSunday, 14. July 2013, 15:23 11 years ago
    So Im trying to figure out how the lightmaps work. It seems like it tints the whole character, even if just a part of the character is in a brighter painted spot.

    Not necessary for my particular game, but is there any other way to make the character have several tints/lightspots? example, as if a blue flashlight is focused on the legs, and a red one on the head. As it is now, the blue flashlight will luminate the whole character in the particular shade thats placed at the legs. smile


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  • #2, by JackMcRipSunday, 14. July 2013, 16:17 11 years ago
    I have not enougth know how in Visionaire.
    But because I want to use the same effect later I search for a solutuion

    I have not found to set the rendering methode for objects and sprites.
    Helpfull will be multiplication, or add.

    I found a hint in a 2 years old forum post.
    You can do with partice. But dont write how.

    Partikel have a rendermode: add

    Maybe make a emitter with no speed, very long lifetime and move it around by lua-script?

    Rendermode for object or sprite will be nice smile

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  • #3, by saintandsimonSunday, 14. July 2013, 17:41 11 years ago
    Yeah particles could work quite OK I guess as a volumetric lighting. Been working with this method in Unity, however, I do believe there's a chance that it's slow down the cpu a bit. smile


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  • #4, by UmonSunday, 14. July 2013, 21:30 11 years ago
    I tested the lightmap a few days, and so far i can say, yes it tints the whole character.
    The last point in the center of the model is the color that is used to tint the charcter.
    The only way i find out till now is to use different outfits, change it with action areas and use the lightmap to make the changes more smooth.
    But this is a lot of work.


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