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    I am in the process of developing an iPad game.

    Eventually I would like the game to be available on the PC and iPad.

    1. Would it be best to build for PC first or build for the iPad first ?

    2. What steps would be necessary to port from PC to iPad ?

    3. What would be the best screen size to use if I want to port a PC game to the iPad or vice versa ?

    4. Are there options available yet for mobile gesture controls ?

    Thank you
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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 07. December 2016, 12:53 8 years ago
    1. 1 probably as most pc ports that originated from other devices (handhelds/consoles) are usually terrible ported after the fact.

    2. there is an export option from VS for iOS & android, but I don't think they are working too great in the current build? Simon? But you can always wait for the next update of the engine or put in a request to the devs to see if they can export you a working iOS build.

    3. I would say something around 1280x720 if you want to optimize the game better to run on both pc & iPad smoothly. Also you will probably be wanting to reduce loading times & required hdd space lower as well & to do that I recommend using XnConvert (a free batch image converter) to convert all of your image files to webP format. See here for more on recommended image formats & XnConvert & see here for information regarding game optimization with Visionaire Studio.

    4. I vaguely recall something mentioned in the changelog of one of the engine updates a while back mentioning mobile gestures, but I think it was only accessible through Lua script. Simon will have to confirm as I've never had reason to use let alone look into them.

    P.S: welcome to the VS community. wink


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  • #3, by ice7Thursday, 08. December 2016, 08:02 8 years ago
    Thank you, that was very informative.


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