inventory cursor vanishes while hovering over item

  • #1, by vozerWednesday, 12. February 2014, 20:29 11 years ago

    First of all, i really like this program and his community! i will be sure to conttibrute what i can!

    To my problem: I made an slide_out_inventory, assigned the inventory space and made item slots. i load items from the scene in my inventory, all no problem.
    I made a cursor "use", added it to the mouse interface, told it to be "combined" and possible on objects and persons.
    But if i go to my inventory, the item is not clickable and when i hover over it, the cursor just vanishes.

    Anybody had this problem before?

    thx in advance


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  • #2, by vozerWednesday, 12. February 2014, 21:57 11 years ago
    i would say it has to do with the point, that the "use"-cursor isnt assigned anywhere to show when hovered over an item.

    but i dont know where you should do it?


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  • #3, by afrlmeMonday, 17. February 2014, 21:38 11 years ago
    Based on your .ved you gave me...

    you have only added animations to the inactive part of some of your mouse cursors... you need to add animations to both the active & inactive sections for each of your cursors & don't forgot to set the animation center for each.

    also if you assign a default cursor to a command then you do not need to use the set cursor action after the set command, because the command will automatically change the cursor for you.


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