Intro movie stays black after it ends

  • #1, by madisongeronimoMonday, 05. June 2017, 03:33 7 years ago
    Okay so I just made a short 5 sec video of my custom logo to show up for the intro of my game, remember it's a 5 second video and it ends quick but after it ends, the whole screen stays black and i cannot move onto the main menu or skip or do anything, unless i press the exit button on my window which i don't want. 

    And so i need help please, after the intro movie ends, I need it to immediately continue onto the main menu.


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  • #2, by ke4Monday, 05. June 2017, 09:03 7 years ago
    That's probably encoding issue. Are you using MKV container, VP8/VP9 video codec and OGG/vorbis for audio?

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