Init failed, could not load game. ??????

  • #1, by paraboleeMonday, 13. February 2017, 00:38 3 years ago
    I am just about finished with my first game (announcment coming soon) and I have been sending to people to test. The build runs fine for me on the few computers I tested it on, bu my friemd is getting this error -

    Init failed, could not load game.
    There is no game file or the game is corrupted.

    He is on Windows 10, I have had him try compatability mode in Win 7 and confirmed all the files are there. No luck. 

    Any ideas??



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  • #2, by MachtnixMonday, 13. February 2017, 02:37 3 years ago
    If all dlls are there and tested (avcodec-56.dll, SDL.dll and all this stuff) it could be a rights thing. And of course he should install the game as a 32bit program.

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  • #3, by sebastianMonday, 13. February 2017, 08:01 3 years ago
    what kind of computer is this? 
    This problem often occours when the game starts with the integrated graphics card instead if the dedicated one. Most integrated cards don't meet the minimum requirements. 
    I don't know where to activate that on windows but i guess if you go under your power saving options and select "max performance" (or something like that) it should select the more powerful card... 

    Also it would help to have the latest drivers installed smile 

    Could you post the output of the messages.log file ? 

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  • #4, by SimonSMonday, 13. February 2017, 13:51 3 years ago
    The most probable cause is missing drivers or a display set to 16bit colors (should be 32bit).

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  • #5, by paraboleeMonday, 13. February 2017, 21:42 3 years ago
    OK so I got the messages/log -

    19:39:34: Error: OpenGL 2.0 not supported. Make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and that hardware acceleration is turned on.

    He has an Acer Aspire x3910 with a Intel Celeron E3400. Which does support Open GL2.0 on Windows 7, but not 10. Oh well.

    Thanks for all the help!


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  • #6, by sebastianMonday, 13. February 2017, 22:09 3 years ago
    it seems that intel celeron processors don't have integrated graphics ( So there should be some kind of graphics card inside the computer.

    Searching for the Aspire x3910 on google shows me a Pentium E3400 (still with no integrated GPU) installed with an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator* (GMA) X4500 which should be capable of OpenGL 2.1 and directx 10 ... 

    I would suggest as SimonS mentioned to update the drivers and check the display settings for 32bit =)

    *GMA is the pre-variant of "intel HD graphics" ... quite old...

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  • #7, by paraboleeTuesday, 14. February 2017, 21:51 3 years ago
    Sorry! In my haste I left out a crucial peice of information! 

    I meant to say"He has an Acer Aspire x3910 with a Intel Celeron E3400 and an Intel G43", which only has drivers supporting Open GL2.0 on Windows 7. TRying to install them on Windows 10 gives an error and Intel say they no longer support the G43 and will not be updating the drivers for Windows 10.

    Also worth noting that Windows has not supported 16-bit colour since Windows 8. 



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  • #8, by afrlmeTuesday, 14. February 2017, 23:09 3 years ago
    Old hardware is old hardware. Like all games regardless of whether or not they were made on a custom game engine will have issues on random pc & laptops. 4.x was somewhat more demanding than 3.x & I assume 5.x will be even more demanding. It also depends on other factors such as game default resolution & how heavy you get with the animations & openGL shader effects.

    I think he's in dire need of upgrading a few components or chucking it in the bin & starting from scratch.


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  • #9, by paraboleeWednesday, 15. February 2017, 16:04 3 years ago
    I think he's in dire need of upgrading a few components or chucking it in the bin & starting from scratch.
    Oh yes, I could not agree more. The thing is an ancient POS. We have begun the process of bin and replace smile

    Thanks for all the help everyone. The Visionaire community is outstanding!


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