Imported animation is messed up

  • #1, by BenmirathMonday, 26. May 2014, 17:29 10 years ago
    I'm trying to import an animation in the engine, and am getting some pretty startling visual glitches. These don't occur in the original asset, or in any image software I've plugged them into. I've attached a screenshot of an example frame. Something like this has happened to me before, and seemed to be resolved for whatever reason when I shuffled around the folder structure the assets were in. Thus far I've attempted the same, along with reexporting the image assets, adding them in a new animation object, new outfit, new character, or as individual frames. Thus far nothing has worked.
    Has anyone encountered anything like this? If not, can you think of any approaches I have not tried yet to resolve the issue?


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  • #2, by BigStansTuesday, 27. May 2014, 00:08 10 years ago

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