Import save game from a different (previous) game.

  • #1, by digiwombatFriday, 13. February 2015, 11:57 9 years ago
    So, I wanted to know if there's a way to programmatically access the saved variables by way of importing a save game file from a different game. Even if you have to copy a file somewhere, that's alright.

    I read through the documentation that's up and didn't see any specifics about the internals of the save/load system itself.


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 13. February 2015, 12:22 9 years ago
    Please see:

    I'm not sure how it works mind, as I've not gotten round to testing it.

    I'm assuming you are planning on making an episodic game which is affected by the players choices? If so then the link above would be a good place to start. Also it would be worth looking into reading from / writing to external files via Lua script as an alternative.


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  • #3, by BigStansFriday, 13. February 2015, 12:52 9 years ago
    Just call
    and it switches to the other vis.
    For example, episode1.vis make an call to episode2.vis.
    The "episode" was saved in the savegame too. So, you have to look, that the company and game name from each episode was the same and we make the rest.

    Yep, it must be an compiled .vis file. You can't test it directly from the editor / player with an .ved.

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