Idea of collab - let me know if you're interested

  • #1, by Simon_ASAThursday, 10. October 2019, 15:47 4 years ago
    Hello, this is a copy of my Discord post:

    Iis there someone here who would be interested to work with me on improving and continuing this game in 2020?

    If you prefer to play it for real (rather than watching the video), you can get the demo that I created in a few days during Adventure game jam:

    I'm looking for:
    - Visionaire (or Unity) skilled user and/or programmer who can take decisions, write dialogues, etc. And who can work on his own on the game while the others are working on the graphics/audio/story, etc.
    - 3D characters modeler with 3D animation skills, to help me make the graphics (you'll need to be able to adapt to my style, but you can also bring ideas to help me improve the game art in general)
    - Backgrounds artist (idem)

    I'm not officially hiring, so I can't promise anything. For now I just want to take contacts and eventually see if there would be a way to build a team to work at distance, and how (for a crowdfunding or anything else / needs to be discussed together)
    Please let me know. I search for serious and available creators, with enough free time to work actively and efficiently. Of course you must be motivated by the world of this project, from what you see in the video (kids stories in the French countryside, Medium Ages, Fantasy, Magical worlds, etc).
    You can send portfolio or CV if you want but as I said before I'm not hiring, it's not a job. It can however help me to build a good team.

    I'm busy until the end of 2019, this project will only start later in 2020, so I just want to see if there is some interest around this.
    This is not my first game, I'm serious too and have created many things on my own. I'd be happy to go further and do better creations with the help of other people. You can see my past projects on


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