How to test your scene?

  • #1, by basenicWednesday, 23. November 2016, 14:13 8 years ago
    Is there a common way to test a scene (or part of a scene) without going through from the beginning?

    I have build a room with several actions and a cutscene at the beginning. Now when i want to test out some things in the later stage of the scene i have to replay the cutscene and puzzles over and over again.

    Can i set some "savepoint" from which a scene is starting everytime i press F9? How do you handle such a problem?

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  • #2, by NigecWednesday, 23. November 2016, 14:35 8 years ago
    I usually just change the start room and giive myself the inventory items but if you look here Lee came up with some autosave ideas

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  • #3, by ke4Wednesday, 23. November 2016, 14:43 8 years ago
    I also use the console a lot. You can open it with TAB and then change scenes / conditions / values there.

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  • #4, by sebastianWednesday, 23. November 2016, 17:56 8 years ago
    you can create an action part which activates all relevant conditions, sets all values and objects to that state they would have after reaching the desired point in that scene. The bind thaz Action to the F9 key smile 

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