How to make a map to access different levels

  • #1, by robert-thurman-25765Sunday, 30. May, 07:11 4 months ago
    Hi I don' know how many of you have play Sam and Max: Hit the road, but in the game you can access different levels from a map, each level has a few rooms at least.

    Here is a video of the main characters accessing the map and then selecting a level from their.

    I was wondering is it possible to do something like this in Visionaire Studio?

    Thanks for all your help, hope you are all coping well in this Covid Crisis we are having.

    Warm Regards,


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 30. May, 11:47 4 months ago
    Why wouldn't it be possible? It's just another scene after all. wink

    Create a scene, create some scene objects & link conditions/values to them to control what objects (or let's call them destinations in this case) should be visible on the map.


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  • #3, by robert-thurman-25765Tuesday, 01. June, 09:24 3 months ago
    Thanks Heaps smile


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