How to hide an object and set the object area inactive?

  • #1, by kapa-raaveThursday, 28. November 2019, 03:34 4 years ago
    Hi ya all!

    I need to have something in the scene that character picks up and will always use and once its picked up it needs to be removed from the scene.

    Like clothes. Character picks them up, puts them on and voila, no more clothes on the scene.
    If I do it with an object and hide it, I still have objects active area.

    How to remove the active area?

    1. Should I create and load another scene with no clothes?
    2. Shoul I use it as an item instead?
    3. Or...?

    Thanks in advance!!!


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  • #2, by esmeraldaThursday, 28. November 2019, 09:25 4 years ago
    The easiest way would be to connect the object to a condition and set the conditon to false when you pick up the object. This way the object is turned off, no image and no object area.

    first create a condition and name it so that you know what it does.
    then under the objects properties you select this condition. If the object should be visible when the conditon is false and invisible when true, click on the "negate condition" box. 

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  • #3, by kapa-raaveThursday, 28. November 2019, 12:25 4 years ago
    Great Scott!! Conditions. And it works perfectly!

    Thank you esmeralda!


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  • #4, by afrlmeThursday, 28. November 2019, 13:02 4 years ago
    Alternatively you can link a value instead of a condition. Values are best used for when an object has multiple states, for example:

    door locked > door unlocked but closed > door open.

    Values are a lot a lot more flexible than conditions because they have multiple different query operators that you can use, such as: is equal to, is greater than, is equal to or greater than, is less than, is less than or equal to, doesn't equal.

    If it's something that doesn't have multiple states, such as an item that can be picked up, or it's something that just has an off/on state, then conditions are probably the way to go.

    Happy experimenting!


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  • #5, by kapa-raaveFriday, 29. November 2019, 01:36 4 years ago
    Thats right afrlme! In my case conditions work perfectly but its good to consider values in the future for something else.
    For me it just didn't click before that conditions and values can clear or turn off objects by negating them.
    I guess being a sole game developer can stir your head up with too much stuff wink

    Thanks of heaps!


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