how to automate the process in the Visionare editor?

  • #1, by sailor-interactiveSaturday, 04. February, 17:45 A month ago
     Do not tell me third-party stores for the sale of the game? And another question saved the source codes of the game made in Visionare Studio and now the path to the files has changed and you need all the files that were uploaded to it. Can you tell me how to automate the process???


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  • #2, by dionousSunday, 05. February, 14:52 A month ago
    You need to open the .ved project file in an editor and replace the paths, if i understand your question correctly.

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  • #3, by gulshan-negiWednesday, 15. March, 09:14 A week ago
    Well, automating processes in Visionaire Studio can help streamline game development by using Lua scripts to automate tasks such as creating game objects, setting up animations, adding audio cues, and modifying game variables. The process involves writing Lua code within the "Scripts" tab of the editor, saving the script, and assigning it to a game event. While Lua scripts can be powerful tools for automating tasks, they do require some programming knowledge, so beginners may want to start with simpler tasks and work their way up to more complex ones.
    Hope it will help you.


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